Full Set

Full Set with coffin, pointy & almond


Gel Powder Full Set

Gel Powder Rebase

Gel Full Set with coffin, pointy & almond

Gel Rebase coffin, pointy & almond

Pink & White Powder Full Set

Pink & White Powder Rebase

Full Set Gel, Shellac Color

Rebase Gel, Shellac Color

Mood Changing, Glow Full Set

Mood Changing, Glow Rebase


Manicure with French Tip

Manicure Gel, Shellac Color


Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder with Tip

Dipping Powder French

Dipping Powder Ombre

Powder Color Full Set

Powder Color Rebase


Polish Change Gel, Shellac

Polish Change

Nail Repair

Acrylic Nails, Dip Take Off

Cut Down Nails


Manicure & Pedicure

Pedi-Mani Gel, Shellac Color



All pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, pumice stone and polish. Only the finest product is selected and used for our pedicure and feet treatment

Pedicure with French Tip

Pedicure Gel, Shellac Color

Pedicure Shellac with French

Deluxe Pedicure

Stick to the Basic Pedicure
Short of time, or just need a quick refresher. Quickly refresh your nails followed by MANGO LOTION massage.


All special pedicures include deep sole conditioning for those tough calluses
Give Me More Pedicure
Get rid of those tough calluses and exfoliate your skin with a sea salt scrub. Also followed by a MANGO LOTION massage.

Cool Breeze Pedicure (10 min massage)
Get your legs sooth with a Cooling Gel Massage along with a Peppermint Scrub. Followed by a hot towel wrap

RefreshMINT Pedicure (10 min massage)
Feel the tingling sensation of peppermint on your feet. Get your toes scrubbed with Peppermint Scrub infused with aloe-vera followed by a Peppermint Mask, topped off with hot towel wrap. Just say ahhhhhh!!!

Rose Garden Pedicure (10 min massage)
Enjoy the sweet rose sensation with Rose Gel Scrub infused with aloe-vera, sea kelp and pumice leaving your feet exfoliated and conditioned. Warming Rose Mask will leave your feet soft and silky. Ending in a hot towel wrap. Sooooo Sweet!

Sweet Lavender Dreams Pedicure (15 min massage)
Immerse your feet in the calming sensation of lavender. Lavender Scrub infused with Aloe- vera, Vitamin E and Mineral Oil, followed by Lavender Mask, and the best part, HOT STONE massage, topped off with hot towel wrap. This will leave you feeling calm and relaxed!!

The Royal Treatment Pedicure (15 min massage)
Lather your feet into the sweet sensation of Tangerine Scrub and Mask infuse with Aloe-vera and sesame oil. Soak your feet in HOT PARAFFIN wax. Paraffin will moisturize and soften your feet, great for treating your calluses, eczema and general dryness. The heat can sooth aching muscles and ease pain. Paraffin will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

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